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Unsweetined Book Review

15 Reviews In this “explosive” (Us Weekly) and “brutally honest” (E! Online) memoir, Jodie Sweetin, once Danny Tanner’s bubbly daughter on America’s favorite family sitcom, takes readers behind the...

  • I discuss UnSweetined by Jodie Sweetin. I absolutely LOVED this book and gave it 5 stars =D

  • In this deeply personal, utterly raw, and ultimately inspiring memoir, Jodie comes clean about the double life she led—the crippling identity crisis, the hidden anguish of juggling a regular childhood with her Hollywood life, and the vicious cycle of abuse and recovery that led to a relapse even as she wrote this book.

  • book review. Book: unSweetined: A Memoir. Author: Jodie Sweetin with Jon Warech. The pressures that come with early success and fame sometimes lead child stars down a path of struggles, unhappiness, and self destruction, and their subsequent downfall often grabs the attention of the public and becomes incessant tabloid fodder.

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